EPAL to P3P Converter


This program is used to translate EPAL to P3P.

Enterprises advertise their privacy policies u sing P3P (Platform for Privacy Preference). It provides a standard machine-readable format for privacy policie s and a protocol that enables web browsers to read and process these policies automatically. Briefly, it defines what recipients can obtain what collected d ata from web users for what purposes.

Internally, enterprises can define fine-graine d privacy policies practices using EPAL (Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language), either for internal or external purposes. Briefly, it defines what data users can access what data for what purposes under what conditions and carry what obligations.

In an ideal privacy policy system, we should e legantly combine these two standards. It's apparent that the outside privacy policy statement to their customers (in P3P) should reflect enterprises' internal policies (in EPAL). Due to the frequent changes of internal privacy policies, it can be challenging to keep them in sync with outstanding promises. Moreover, there is still some basi c difference between the two standards. As a consequence, we design and implement this program which can automatically translate internal EPAL policies into outstanding P3P statements.

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Last Update: Dec. 16, 2003